Tuesday, February 22, 2011

happy tuesday.

this weekend my mama and my siblings went away.
i stayed a tori masons house.
it was truly the lovliest of weekends.
i'm convinced that happiness resides in "the chocolate",
it's amazing what a cute dessert can do for ones mood. (2nd picture)
we ate it all gone! (mikelle, tori, and i) (1st picture)
and we were happy all day long.
what a treat. literally. ha. ha. :)
also this weekend,
a boy threw rocks at my window and asked me to come dance outside,
i went,
we danced,
he asked me to prom.
what???? :)
ohhhhhhhhhhh emmm gggggeee for cute!!
no, really it was.
so, i drew that picture up there, to try and express to you how great its going to be.

my overwhelming thought today:
its a beautiful thing when you realize that you know something so sure,
but know that now isn't the time.
and you can feel good about you,
and where you're going
and where you've been.
and know, that one day, it'll all work out.
and that day will be a beautiful spring day,
and i'll be in a white dress with white flowers in my hair.
and i'll look up at the sunshine and pray.
and be oh so happy that it all came about like this.
then i'll breathe a sigh of complete content-ness.
oh what a day that will be,
that beautiful spring day.

thank you grethchen for telling me that my blog did something for your unfortunate mood.
i like you.

dream of sunshine. if we can all band together, it might come through.
also, go hug your mom. she needs it.

love, laura


  1. I like this post :) What a cute way to ask!! I got asked that way last year to prom, minus the dancing outside :) I'd hug my mom if she wasn't flying over the ocean... but I'll do that when she gets home. Thanks for your inspiration :)

  2. You're so sweet. :)
    I'm glad we're friends now.

  3. Laura. I've been thinking about you lately. You truly inspire me and make me want to be a better person. You have changed so many people...keep being strong girl. I love you!