Monday, February 14, 2011

valentines day.

a jaw dropper,
looks good when he walks,
he's the subject of their talk,
he would be hard to chase,
but good to catch.
and he can change the world with this hands behind his back.
and you can find him waiting on your doorstep,
waiting for a surprise,
and he'll feel like he's been there for hours,
and you can tell he'll be there for life.

-daydreamer adele.

One good heart attracts another.
-shaker saying

being deeply loved by someone gives you strength,
while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

i think we're here for each other.
-carol burnett

everyone should carefully observe which way his heart draws him,
and then choose the way with all his strength.
-hasidic saying

i'm really convinced that if we were to define love,
the only word big enough to engulf it would be "life."
love is in all aspects. and if you miss love,
you miss life.
-leo buscaglia

spread your love. wherever you go.
-mother teresa

your memory is the sunshine each new day brings.
-nickel creek

i think you know you're falling in love when...
when the thought of him makes you smile.
when you want to be a better person because you know him.
when you want to go with him to get milk at midnight.
when you think of him all day and don't need to text him to let him know.
when you're willing to love a sport just because he does.
when you listen to love songs and your heart beats really fast.
when he looks at you, you almost have to close your eyes because it makes you too happy.
when you want to hear about everything that happens in his day.
when you laugh just because he's too cute to keep it in.
when you want him to wear his seatbelt.
when you get the tickles after you pinky swear him.
when all you really want is for him to be happy, so you'll let him be his own person.
when you'll let him leave for 2 years.
when you sacrifice for the greater good.
when all you really want to do when the weather is nice is go take a walk with him, or swing on the swings.

happy valentines day.

and tell me when you fall in love. i sure do love a good love story.

love, laura