Monday, November 7, 2011

let it in.

you know that hole in your heart?
the one that's left over from the packed suitcase
and the lost trust.
you know that thorn in your side?
the one that got stuck because he said that he loved you
and you can't let it go.
you know that break in your leg?
the one that happened because it was your time to shine
and you couldn't open your mouth.
you know the white knuckles?
the ones you got from fears of everyone being right
fears of being inadequate
fears of being alone
fears of being hurt
and fears of not getting over your fears.

well, there's a reason they make such a big deal out of that four letter word we
don't say enough.
because it can take everything away.
and before you know it
you wake up every morning and you read a letter
and you smile when you take the garbage out
and when you look at the moon your heart beats faster
and you feel more yourself than you've ever felt. ever.
and your mom notices that you can't stop smiling
and you feel the need to tell every girl you know that it exists.

and for once in your life
you're not scared of a packed suitcase and goodbyes.
you're not scared of lying.
you're not scared of missed opportunities,
of saying the wrong thing
of driving him away.

and you're not scared to tell your heart to open up
and let it in.
because its safe.

its actually safe.
and you know it.

and i've almost never had more thank-you's in my heart for anything else.

"it feels like home to me"
love, laura


  1. amen to han's comment.

    perfection in every sense of the word.

  2. why are you so,
    why are you so fantastic?