Wednesday, November 2, 2011

i don't want to know.

i like monday night visits
to a new baby boy.
i like hugs that are tight
especially when the outside feels cold.
i like nighttime calls on my telephone
and laughing all the time.
i like little songs on the piano
and long drives in the car.
i like writing letters
and letters that get written to me.
i like looking at the moon
and feeling happier than ever before.
i like the kind of happy that fills you right up
the kind that won't let the smile leave your face
or the tingleys leave your tummy.
and the kind that makes you feel safe enough to trust.

i do in-fact,
i think i'm happier than ever before.

"if it gets any sweeter than this
i don't want to know.

i don't want to know."
love, laura

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