Monday, November 14, 2011

for the things that don't need to be said.

for the words that pass through your brain a million times over
and tickle your voice box and want to be set free.
but you never let them out.
maybe because your scared. scared of being hurt
scared of being pathetic
scared of crying when they decide to peep out.

like that you miss him, even though you just saw him yesterday.

or that it scares you that saying goodbye didn't hurt as bad as you thought.

that its selfish, but you don't want to be let go.

and that somehow you just know you won't let this one go.

like that you've never felt more happiness for anything else.

or how they're always on your mind.

how you're not scared of leaving, you're just scared that he'll move on.

like that you have nothing else to say, but you want to hold his hand and squeeze it real tight. and hope that maybe what your insides are trying to say will make it all the way to his heart.

or that you're done with every one living far away.

like that you miss your mom. and you wish you said 'thank you' more.

or something like, "i love you."
and "i've been crying about you all day."
don't worry, the happy kind of crying.

like that you just want to live with your heart wide open,

or "please don't forget me."

and sometimes its probably better that i just keep all those things inside.
the things that don't need to be said.


"lets fly away."
love, laura

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  1. Basically you just wrote and said everything that couldnt think of writing down but totally needed to say! I love your blog. Amazing.