Sunday, October 16, 2011

one of those.

one of those
when everything you previously thought
was pulled out of your heart on a 4 hour drive.
one of those
when you know something is wrong
and there's no need to talk about it
so all you can do is wait for the tears that are stinging your
eyes to come out and make an appearance.
one of those
when you facebook stalk people that you miss.
and it doesn't make anything easier like you thought.
and you're starting to forget what their voice sounds like.
one of those
when bad things happen to good people.
like your best friend sending off her missionary
and you can't be there to help.
and your other best friend finding out her
mom is sick.
and you can't do anything.
and your family is mad and crying.
and you're stuck.
and somethings making him sad
but you don't know what it is.
one of those
when you're not really sure if anything
is gonna go how you planned it out in life
even just how you planned it out 3 days ago.
one of those
when it was too cloudy to see your favorite moon.
one of those

"and i know the shape of your hands
cause i watch them when you talk."
love, laura


  1. "and I know the shape of your body
    cause I watch it when you walk."

    Gray or Blue. My favorite song. :)

    Laura, you're amazing like that. :)
    I hope things get better! I look up to you and I think you're absolutely amazing!

  2. Baby,

    I hope everything is okay. Not a day goes by when I don't think this, "I need to see Laur today, she's one day closer to leaving me."

    Love you, call me soon.