Monday, October 10, 2011

on my mind.

the daytime drives
and the sweaters.
the name that's made up
of five letters.
a bench and a pond
at my favorite park.
and waiting to look at the stars
when its dark.
he drives too fast
and i curl up in my chair.
he laughs when i motion
"slow down" in the air.
she slept on my floor
the night that was last.
we talked about everything
mostly the past.
of all the voices that
people let sing.
hers make tears fall and
every thing.
people always come on the day
that you need them.
God puts them there so you
can try to read them.
we've been waiting for a few weeks to
hear the news.
she got the letter today
and she'll follow my shoes.
he filled up her gas tank
and let her stay in the car.
i don't know if any greater
boys there are.
i told him a secret the day
we first met.
sometimes i get worried he
might start to forget.

but being scared is never the answer to be.
cause love fills your heart up,
it makes you feel free.

Hey Morg, i miss you.
love, laura


  1. yay for rhyming!

    this is good.
    pure good.

  2. I cried. (like I do everytime I read your blog.(and I don't kid, I really do.))

    love you.

    call me soon.

    Me, You, & Shelb; this weekend.

  3. Oh, Laur. Laur Laur Laur.
    Even I cried. And that, my friend, is an accomplishment.
    I really love you.