Thursday, September 8, 2011

well, hi.

one: thank you for following this lovely. it boosts my self-esteem :)
2: well, mother informed me that i will probably be getting my wisdom teeth out this weekend.
i don't enjoy this news.
mostly because i enjoy my wisdom.
also because i don't want my cheeks to be large.

ThRee: i've been thinking that you can throw up out of your mouth
and kiss a boy with the same mouth
on the same day.
don't be grossed out.
it happens.

4.4.4: sometimes my soon-to-be-brother-in-law comes in through the garage door
while i'm working from home.
when i work from home
i sometimes wear my shorty shorts and a large v-neck.
to the innocent bystander (my brother-in-law)
it looks as though i passed on wearing pants today.

five: the wildcat is coming home.

6. fall is coming. i appreciate fall.
in fact, my date of birth is like the 1st real day of fall. i think.
unfortunately though, fall is short
and winter is brutal.
and i only have cute clothes for warm weather.

seventh. Thomas S. Monson is obsessed with pigeons.
if that doesn't make you love him more
i don't know what will.

eight8: i got asked to go out to dinner tonight
with a woman who i look up to more than anyone really knows.

and another one and i are going on a movie date on saturday.

and also: don't worry. i date boys too.

"if you have a minute why don't we go
talk about it somewhere only
we know."
love, laura


  1. Dearest laura,

    You are lovely and I miss you dearly....

    Your cute little brother bore his testimony in seminary today and it was so cute...

    You are terrific and I hope you are loving life

    Love Ashley (your sophmore now junior friend ;))

  2. i wish you knew how much i love you. :)