Friday, September 2, 2011

it might be time to rename the blog

to "my life as a super senior"

right now my social life isn't its peachiest. mostly because
everyone else gets to grow up
except me. i still have 4 more months.
so, that happened.
and i get quite bored.

and i vowed never to do anything like this.
but when a cute boy asks you to go to a soccer game
and you really have no excuse not to go
except that you feel like a complete idiot
what can you do?
here's a glimpse of my first super senior activity.

i first got a pep talk
from my virtual friend.

after which, i was all ready to go.
he came and picked me up and i hid behind my hair.
i said "i'm so embarrassed" a total of 12 times
just in the car ride over.

when people asked me why i was there i said,
"to support CaLea."
CaLea doesn't really know me at all.
but it helped me feel less creepy.

at one point we were sitting behind
some lovlies and they were saying,
"we should ban super seniors,
they are the worst."
he said, "guys, i think you're hurting her feelings."
they laughed and said,
"ohh yeah..except you, laura, except you."

after which,
i resorted to taking creepy pictures on my phone
and vowed, yet again, to never attend another high school

the student section. aerial view.

the bald spot on my little friend's head.

my favorite speckled knees.

and then i ran away back home.

and rewarded myself to a caramel brownie.
i deserved it
i'd been working hard.
and thus was my first
and last
super senior adventure.

"i wanna run through the halls of
my high school. I wanna scream at the top of my lungs."
love, laura


  1. I didn't even see you! (cause I wasn't there...) But Laura. Can you still hang out with us, even though you're not a super senior anymore? Please? :)

  2. I love you.

    I'm not grown up yet, so we can play right?

  3. A Note to Laura,
    Dear Cousin,
    Where art thou? Where for art me? bored in a college room, missing you dearly.Haha. that rhymed! You NEED to come down.and have CRAZY adventures with me. like in the summer time? okay? WAIT! did we have any crazy adventures this summer time????? I don't remember. I'm Loosing Laur. Loosing it! we as my daddy says in my 85 years of life, i know how to treat a woman right! AND YOU ARE NOT A SUPER SENIOR....WELL....I hope you LOVE this little NOTE! as I almost write in ALL CAPS! I promise I'm not yelling. I may be weeping on the ground like one of those types of trees....uuummmmmm....OH!! weeping willow. haha. I WHIP MY HAIR BACK AND FORTH. I WHIP MY HAIR BACK AND FORTH! HAHA! Now I'm just dragging it on and on and on and on and on........