Monday, September 5, 2011

for the love.

he has speckled knees
a lot of the time he squeaks at the end of his sentences.
he has a high pitched giggle that tingles my feet.
he wears an indian shirt on special occasions.
he rings my doorbell and then stands on the edge of my porch
facing the other way.
he sends me scriptures when i'm sad.
he comes over when i'm not home and talks to my family.
every time i look at him he's smiling at me.
he makes me feel like me.
the real me.
the me thats the best kind of me.

and he'll do the right thing.
and he'll put whats most important in front of everything else.
and i trust him.

today we cried.
i wish i would've told him how i felt.

"run far away
so i can breathe.
even though you're far from suffocating me."
love, laura

1 comment:

  1. Love the first one. I tell that to myself and others practically everyday.

    Hope you're doing well. Miss you. Love you.