Wednesday, October 24, 2012

pull up your socks.

"So don't worry about being homesick. Don't worry about being new. Don't worry about the language. None of that matters. It will not matter. God loves you and this is the truth and you can do it! Just reach down, pull up your socks, and go to work. This is a time for you to go out. I plead with you. I plead with you, in the case of the Elders, to have a 24 month mission! Not 23, not 22, not 19, not 16, not have a 24-month mission! Sisters, you have an 18-month mission -- not 15, not 11, not 6. Start fast. Run hard, and to the tape. You can rest later..."

-Elder Holland

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  1. hey laura! i am so glad to have met you at the nyc temple a couple weeks ago! i had no idea that you were friends with jessica so when i saw that you follow her blog too i was so excited to check it out! your blog is so cute and i am definitely going to be a creeper and follow it if you don't mind.
    i love this quote! its amazing. thank you for sharing it.
    <3 mikayla