Thursday, March 29, 2012


i found myself in the sunshine, you know?
the sky all lit up and all warm.
i thought i was fine in the gray and the cold and the scare and the everything else.
but then the sun came outside
and i knew what was missing
and all i want to do is feel it and smell it and
for it to kiss my face.
weeks can make you suffocate, and feel scared
scared that your brain really is as big as your hands, which really isn't big enough,
and feel sad, and feel alone, and feel empty.
and the white walls and gray faces and the cigarette smoke,
it makes you feel small and it makes you forget life.
forget to live it, breathe it, learn it, and mostly to love it.
but the sun brings you back to what is warm and good
and the sparkles shoot right out of the stars and right into your heart.
and even the petals grow out of the wood
and you look, and you smile, and you live.

"don't you worry your pretty little mind."
love, laura

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