Thursday, March 15, 2012


i could tell you everything.
well i couldn't really, but i could try.
in fact, i do try. i try and i try and i try,
and you and i both know that it won't ever come out exactly how i want it.
however, i keep trying
because sometimes i look outside at the stars and the sun
and i feel the marvelous breeze on my face
and i miss you.
and people tell me that this is something special
and i think everyone thinks that about themselves
and in a way we're all right about that.
but isn't it always special to feel?
and all i know is that the best thing to be is honest.
and the funny thing is that my honest is strewn all over the pages of this blog
and in my journal and in my heart
and all over my face and arms and fingernails and
so everyone gets to see it.
i guess what i'm saying is i honestly can't hold it in all the time.
the fact that i feel so many emotions inside of me
and i believe in so many things, and i want to be so many things,
and do so many things.
mostly though, i want to be with you.
i want to laugh and cry and climb trees and feel grass on our backs
and feel kisses on our lips.
because that's what we are. and that's who we are.
and there's something about tight hugs that is more than you smelling good
or me smelling good
its us together and we smell good,
we smell like love.
and love can smell lots of different ways and it touches lots of different noses
and that's something very personal and wonderful
for each one.
but i knew the second i smelled it, that it was love.
and its what i smell when we are close
and i sometimes smell it on my lips long after you leave.
i'm a mess for all this.

"it sounded familiar in a way"
love, laura


  1. laura. this is beautiful.
    i love love.
    and i love you.
    also i miss you.
    lets see each other soon?

  2. i love this, too. so amazing. your writing is genuine.