Thursday, January 5, 2012


of all the things that we don't know about life
we do know that one day
it will end.
and when it does
your comfy bed
and your pricey boots
and the nugg at the bottom of the stairs
won't be yours anymore.
we don't really own anything.
because you will leave and they will stay.
all that we actually have for our own,
are the hours that we're using right now
and the minutes that are in our rear view.
but don't let that depress you,
because time is one of the most beautiful things that we've ever been given.
the wisdom that comes with any passing of time
is simply priceless.
and that means that sometimes i just want to be 80
to have a wrinkle on my face for all of the things i've experienced
and to look at the sky and realize i have so much more figured out
than my 19 year old self did.
and to know that i made it through.
but when i'm 80 i won't be able to swing on swings
or run through parks
or jump off stairs.
and that's why i do that
because one day when i'm old and gray,
i'll remember how it looked with the blonde hair on my face
and the sunshine shining through it,
and i'll remember jumping off the stairs of my front porch
and hearing that giggle from behind.
i'll think of the dancing in public
and the sleeping in too late.
and the butterflies that i got in my stomach.
and i'll smile, because i did all that i could
to the best i could.
that i laughed and i sang and i fell in love.
i had no idea what i was doing,
but i did good things and i breathed deeply and i squinted at the sun
i forgave myself and i forgave others
and i really earned those laugh lines.
that's how i want now to be remembered.

"don't be scared its only love that we're
falling into."
love, laura


  1. Hey the quote in the end sounds familiar, where is it from?

    1. its a song by lifehouse called "falling in"