Thursday, December 15, 2011

when i wake up i feel happy

but then
there comes a tinge of guilt inside of me
because the world is sad sometimes
hearts are breaking and people are dying
people are making mistakes and hurting the ones they love most
and hearts are missing each other.
and today i thought about asking if it was wrong
to be so happy when so many awful things are happening.
if it was selfish,
if i was stealing everyone else's happiness.
and i felt so at peace.
because there isn't one big tank of happiness that everyone has to share from.
happiness is infinite
and its all around us
its in the sunshine and the christmas lights and the words that make your heart flutter
its in the morning laughs and the fluffy blankets and 7 freckles on your left arm.
its in your heart, its inside your very soul.
and every single little life can have as much as it wants
and no one can steal anyone else's away.
so if the love part of your life is perfect, enjoy every second of it.
and scream and laugh and dance about it if you want.
and wish the strangers at the store a "merry christmas!"
because the phrase is starting to die.
and wear lots of layers and put on funny hats
and be so thrilled that everyone is coming home, even if they will leave again.
make time for people, because you learn more from them than anything else.
read a good book.
and if you love a song, feel free to hit that replay button as much as you'd like.

and remember what this season is all about, and love the Savior with all you've got.
cause He's where all the happiness really comes from.

"we'll face unafraid the plans that we've made
walkin in a winter wonderland."
love, laura


  1. because you,

    Laura Cottrell,

    are the greatest thing.

    and i'm in love with this post.

  2. i am happy,

    because i know you.

    this was seriously beautiful.

    you captured my heart and pulled on its strings.

    thank you, my beautiful laur.

    i love you.