Thursday, June 30, 2011

sometimes i feel so small.

sometimes i lay on the pavement
and i look that the sky
and i think about outer space.
here's the thing
i'm kind of a freak about space.
it amazes me that there are billions and billions and trillions
and zillions of miles of things out there.
that i'm laying on the warm ground and the world is actually moving.
that even though the stars look like they are all the same distance away
some are closer to me
and some are farther away.
that some of them are planets
and some of them are satellites.
and that i can be staring at the same sky
that someone in new york can be looking at
and we're really that far away from each other still.
i feel like it connects us all.
and spreads us all out.
it makes me feel small
yet still apart of the greatest thing.

and that,
is my secret obsession.
how embarrassing :)

love, laura

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