Tuesday, June 7, 2011


friendship is between you and someone else.
its staying up late and sharing secrets.
its swinging on swings.
its notes on your car and
giving you hope along the way.
its "he doesn't deserve you"
and "come on laur, get it together."
its a party for a late graduate
and a smile in the hallway.
its a text to say "i've been thinking about you"
and a drive.
friendship is dancing
its running away to the canyon.
its a crying shoulder
and a hug you can count on.
its swimming till your arms hurt
and laughing till you can't breathe anymore.
most of all friendship is people.
friendship is you making me feel like i can be better.
its knowing you expect a lot
and me expecting a lot in return.
friendship is putting someone else's feelings before your own.
its taking the time to
girl scream
and everything else you can think of.
and so, here's a thank you.

to the girls who save me every day.

hannah, shulb, jamie, mikelle, ari, tori, natalie, janene, emily, jenoa,
jess, michelle, mama, lis and annie. and many more.

you do WAY too much for me.

love, laura

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  1. i love this oh, so much. you're the greatest thing. :)