Monday, February 11, 2013

here comes goodbye.

lovely humans who read these words, who read, who sing, who
listen to my words.
all of you, i love you. i really truly do.
i won't be here for a second or two.
actually more like ten trillion seconds or more.
but i just wanted to say thanks, and keep following, because when i get back
i'll have much to share.
keep your prayers this way and keep your heads high.
wink at the moon when you see it, and enjoy your shorts in july.
be the best you you can be, and laugh at yourself
when all you want to do is cry.
keep the faith, and only love when it's with all your heart.
live life out loud, and don't ever let a day go by
without saying "i love you" at least one time.

"God be with you till we meet again."
love, laura

sister cottrell, i mean.


  1. Love you forever, Laur Laur. I can think of no one that deserves my pseudo-brother more than you. I will write you for sure. :)

  2. man, i am going to miss reading your words so stinkin much. but good luck out there. youll be amazing.

  3. I love you, sweet Laura! A million prayers headed your way.

  4. see you tomorrow(ish) :) love you to pieces.