Saturday, May 5, 2012

heaven looks

heaven looks a lot like this,
like a moon that's big and lights up the sky.
the kind of bright that is bright enough to make
a grown man's or a young girl's or a
grandmother's eye get caught and say, "hey that's bright!"
and stop breathing and start asking questions
about brightness and moons
and life and God.
heaven looks a lot like this,
like telescopes and stars and you.
and laughing and kissing and smiling too.
it looks like, "it's just how it looks in my books!"
or "you and the moon on the same day" and
"lets go there someday."
but mostly it's the star that's right below mars,
and the crater that makes this like an orange.
heaven looks a lot like this,
like confidence and calm.
like even when its cold outside,
jackets and blankets and warm.
heaven looks like this, you know,
like questions and wonders and love.
heaven looks a lot like this, yes,
heaven must have a sparkle of this.

"look how they shine for you."
love, laura


  1. You are unreal in the way you are able to capture the most perfect things with the most perfect words. I adore it and you. :)

  2. I love this picture. I shared it with my daughter and son when they were small.