Monday, April 16, 2012

all i want

and i've heard people say that they count all the stars,
all the stars in the heavens above us.
and that's impossible to do, some say
to count all the stars up there.
that's all i want to do, you know.
all i want to lay in the grass
and to hold the warm air in my hand.
and i want to count them, those stars up there,
starting at infinity and ending there too.
and then i want to wish on every single one, and most of my wishes will be
about you,
about you and cures and no more littering, too.
all i want is to know them, those stars,
by their first names, and last names, and blood types.
i want to tell them that my heart was taken by a 5 letter name
and that i am scared to get it back.
i want to read the stars, you see.
and i want you to read them too.
they'd tell us there was a grassy place,
behind a bunch of trees.
they'd say there was red corduroy and sweatshirts, too.
they'd whisper "i hope you remember" "i miss you" and "please, come home soon"
and plenty and plenty of flowers and dreams.
they'd wrap me up in memories that i get to keep inside them forever.
and then you know what they'd do?
they'd kiss the blue on my lip and
i'd know what they meant,
they'd mean that you were with me right there.
right underneath that spot on my lip.
right underneath the memories of this.
right underneath my wishes and dreams.
right underneath a number thats far too big.
underneath all these infinite stars.

"don't forget to remember me"
love, laura

1 comment:

  1. Oh Laura.
    I love this.
    And I laughed out loud...
    you know at what part. :)
    Anyway. I hope one day to have a love as beautiful as yours. :)