Saturday, February 4, 2012

i wish for you

sunlight in february
and dry socks on your feet.
i wish you days that bring you to your knees
and to the temple on top of the hill.
i wish for you kisses in the moonlight
the kind that give you shaky knees when you walk inside.
i wish you A's on your math tests
and nike sweatshirts.
and rugs that feel good on bare feet.
i wish you new books that strike your fancy
and speedy wipers on your windshield when its gray.
hair that is messy
and chills on your arms.
i wish you advice from your mama
and old friends too.
and compliments on days when you didn't even try at all.
i wish you hope for your future
and smiling memories in your rear view
and nights spent looking up at the sky.
i wish you happy thoughts at nighttime
and leggings to bed
and lots of hair piled up on top of your head.
i wish you cuddles and footsies
and even some nuzzling
and someone who loves you, and hugs you, and tells you.
long naps,
short talks,
the perfect amount of nickles in your pocket
and phone calls goodnight.
ponytails and giggles and a quote that makes you think.
postage stamps, feather coats, and chocolate shakes.
i wish you homework-less sundays
a mouth full of words that sound lovely,
and a tummy full of ice cream.
i wish you every happy thing.
every happy thing and more.

happy february, peeps.

"i'll love you for a thousand more."
love, laura

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  1. This is so beautiful. I absolutely love it. And I absolutely adore you.